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We are dedicated to providing education in the field of human-wildlife conflicts. Even though in many instances animals are considered pests, the wild animal removal field is very different from the pest control field. Pest control typically refers to the eradication or population control of insects via the use of chemical means, i.e. poison. Nuisance wildlife removal is the practice of solving wildlife conflicts via methods such as humane trapping and relocation of animals, exclusion of animals from buildings, and preventative techniques. Never hire a pest control company to address a problem animal! Wildlife control is a complex field. Read about our wildlife control philosophy: Why Humane Wildlife Removal is Important

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What Is A Wildlife Removal Professional?
When you are dealing with a nuisance animal problem in your home, you will likely want to turn to a wildlife removal professional. Even if you know these experts are the right ones to help you remove an animal or keep others from getting inside, you may not completely understand what they do.

Someone With Extensive Knowledge
Simply put, a wildlife removal professional is someone with incredibly thorough knowledge of the wildlife in your area, how they can impact your property, how to remove them, and how to keep them away. Professionals have to be able to identify an animal, frequently even without actually seeing this. That means that they know what each wild animal eats, what type of fur they could leave behind, what their waste products look like, their preferred nesting materials, and more. They also know how to read animal body language to avoid injury when handling wildlife.

Through experience and lots of learning, wildlife removal professionals know which methods of getting rid of wild animals work and which do not. They can suggest the ideal trap, trap placement, and bait for each animal. They will also know where you can safely release the captured wildlife without getting in the way of local regulations.

Full Insured And Licensed
The best wildlife removal professionals will all have a license to work in the given area. This license is the result of hard work and demonstrating knowledge and essentially provides proof that the person in question is an expert on everything related to wildlife removal. They should also be insured so you are not held liable for any issues that occur while they are working on your property. Professionals should also guarantee their work, meaning that if they don’t get all the wildlife out of your home the first time, they will come back and finish the job.

Jobs Wildlife Removal Professionals Perform
The exact services that a wildlife removal professional offers will vary by person and region. That being said, they will almost always deal with removing a wide range of wildlife, such as rodents, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and more. They will have a range of methods up their sleeves from trapping and relocation to exclusion. Most will also offer emergency services, remove dead animals in the home, clean up the space the animals had occupied, and work on preventative measures with you to prevent animals from coming in the future.