Mouse Removal - How to Get Rid of Mice

Mice - Problems They Cause, Methods of Removal and Prevention: Although mice infestation is not as common as rat infestation, it does happen, and it is very unpleasant to deal with if you don't have any experience in doing so. And the similarities between how you should handle rats that have invaded your property and mice that are in your attic, basement, pantry or anywhere else on your property are so many that the mouse almost doesn't require its own page or separate removal guide.

Problems mice can cause
Although smaller than a rat, a mouse can cause the same amount of damage as a rat. Like the rat, the mouse needs to chew and gnaw frequently in order to keep its teeth from growing too long. If you see a rat or a mouse with long teeth, that is surely a sick rat that will probably die in the near future because it can't feed itself anymore. This being said, mice will chew through all sorts of materials, and contaminate their living space with their waste. Mice invasion may lead to structural damage to the architecture of your home, and represent a fire hazard due to their habit of chewing on electrical wires. Like rats, they might get stuck inside walls and die there, inviting over other wildlife with the smell of their decomposing bodies. They take no respite from breeding, and multiply at the same rate rats do, making them as problematic as rats are.

Mice will leave urine everywhere to create olfactory trails for their routes. Their urine and droppings may be infected, as mice carry all sorts of viruses, diseases, bacteria, and parasites. There's always a chance of contracting serious diseases from rats not only by direct contact with them or their waste, but also by just breathing in dust particles that have been contaminated with their infected waste.

Methods of removal and prevention
The only difference between removing rats from your property and removing mice from your property is that mice are actually a little bit easier to trap than rats are. If you're dealing with a mouse invasion, I would like to redirect you to the page on rats available on this website – all that is applicable to rat removal will also be applicable to mouse removal.

When it comes to preventing mice from setting shop on your property, like with all wildlife prevention, you need to keep access to food and shelter at low as possible, inexistent if achievable. Again, you can consult the page on rats and rat prevention, as the exact same principals apply.

Same as with any wildlife removal matter, your best chance of removing the nuisance animals successfully and permanently without taking any unnecessary risks yourself is through employing the services of a wildlife removal pro. Removal and damage control is always best left to the experts when it comes to invasive wildlife. An expert will be able to deal with the problem efficiently without any compromise regarding the health of other who live in or near the contaminated environment, or of the environment itself. An expert will also treat the animal with respect by not putting it through any unnecessary suffering, and this takes a certain high level of skill and experience which a non-professional can't possibly benefit from. Like with any wildlife, it is recommended that you do not go to pest control companies that usually deal with bug and insect extermination with this sort of problem. Wildlife is an entirely separate issue, and exterminators will not have the necessary training to properly handle a wildlife removal scenario. If you do take the decision of handling the problem yourself, make sure you do some extensive reading on the subject, not only on how to safely get rid of the problem, but also on the animal you're dealing with, how it behaves and what are its habits – this will help you better understand how the animal thinks so that you can solve the problem quicker and easier.

Mouse Removal - How to Get Rid of Mice
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