What to Do About a Trap-Shy House Mouse?

Traps are made to catch mice, but not all mice fall victim to these traps. Some mice have grown so clever that they do not enter the trap even when you place the trap in places where they just could not miss it. Why are some mice escaping the traps and enjoying a freedom of movement in your home despite efforts to bring them to book? Some of the factors responsible for this will be highlighted below

Why mouse traps fail
• If you are using the wrong choice of bait, the mouse will never be caught by the trap.
• If you place the trap in the wrong position, never expect the mouse to be trapped by it.
• The type of trap you use also determines if the mice are caught or not.
• Your trap will also not work if the pest you want to bring to justice is not a mouse
• Some mice already learn from experience how your choice of a trap can harm them; they, therefore, jump over the trap or take another route.
• Older mice are more difficult to trap than newly born ones.

What to do
What can you do about this mouse that has refused to be caught in your trap? Some traps are clever, and they may not be caught easily like some other mice. The choice of trap also goes a long way to determine if the trap will catch the mouse or not.

How you set the trap
Some traps do not require baits; a very good example of such types of a trap is the sticky trap. Mice can easily bypass such a trap if the mice had learned from experience or if the trap is not placed in locations where the rat cannot miss it.

Perfect locations to set the trap
There are some locations where that mouse cannot avoid being caught by the trap. Some of these locations are highlighted below:

• Between furniture
• Ceiling and wall void, especially if they are close to heat source
• Cluttered spaces
• Top of the basement and
• Garage.

Mice are commonly found in these areas. Using the right type of trap and using the right bait will make your local mouse eradication program to succeed. While at it, make sure you use the right type of bait, and it will ensure the mouse is trapped perfectly and free your home from the unwelcome visitor. What to Do About a Trap-Shy House Mouse?

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