Please call your city below for a free proce quote. Each wildlife control job is different, and thus there are no standardized prices, based on factors such as:

- Type of wildlife, and number of animals

- Location of wildlife (attic/yard/shed/etc.)

- Amount of repairs necessary if any

- Amount of cleanup necessary if any

One of the biggest hurdles for homeowners looking to hire a professional is the cost of the operation and all the services that come with it. Before you pass judgment on the places you call, there are a number of things to keep in mind about why things cost what they do.

First, handling wildlife often requires a permit of some kind, and this fee will depend on which state you live in. As an example, a license to handle nuisance wildlife in New York state costs a base fee of $50. On top of that, some nuisance animals fall under hunting and trapping guidelines, and the fees associated there can be upwards of $100. If you hire a wildlife professional who must maintain licensing in multiple states and counties, you need to assume that individual is paying dues to all the regions he or she hold licenses in. For some out of state situations, that can cost a professional a pretty penny.

In many states, and New York is also an example, before any nuisance license can be obtained, a handler must pass a Wildlife Control Training evaluation, which, of course, costs a few hundred dollars.

So, as you can see, this is just the start of why professionals charge what they do.

Now, you also have to factor in equipment. How much does it cost a wildlife removal specialist to obtain and maintain the traps and devices needed to deal with every nuisance situation they encounter? We’re not just talking one or two cage traps from the local farm store. We’re talking ladders of various sizes, cage traps, body clamp traps, one-way door devices, bird spikes, exclusion netting, and then all the supplies needed to repair holes in your home so nuisance animals can’t return.

And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cleaning up. Some nuisance animals leave behind some serious waste, and due to health risks, it’s not something you just want to sweep up with a broom.

Cleaning up from a nuisance animal issue can mean:
• Removing and replacing soiled building materials like wood and insulation
• Removing and replacing damaged wiring/plumbing/duct work
• Using an enzymatic cleaner to remove organic waste
• Using a fogging machine to sanitize the space

If you take a trip to the local home improvement store to buy the supplies you need to fix damage and clean up from a nuisance animal, you can bet you’re going to pay a few hundred dollars, if not more. Special cleaners alone can run up your bill.

The bottom line
Ultimately, the cost of a wildlife removal service is going to depend on your individual problem. The faster the issue can be solved and the less equipment needed to do it, the less expensive it will be. If, however, you’ve let a squirrel infestation go to the point where the animals are poking through drywall holes in you ceiling, you’re probably looking a far pricier fix.

Just remember, it will cost you less money in the long run to have the problem taken care of correctly and completely the first time. You can try to do things yourself, and you can hire less reputable removal services, but when you have to hire a true professional to come in and fix what was left undone, you’ve ended up paying more instead of saving anything.

For basic prices, call the local companies you have at your disposal. Often, these places can provide you with estimates. Sometimes they offer free home evaluations and price quotes, or just inexpensive problem evaluations to give you an idea what you’re dealing with.