What do wildlife rehabilitators do with mice?

If you have the luck to catch a mouse in your home, you have the option to set it free, kill it or send it to wildlife rehabilitators. If we think carefully, it would be cruel to kill a mouse. It is a part of nature after all. The best way would be to call wildlife rehabilitators and they will take care of the mice you caught.

What to do with the mice I found?
When you finally caught your houseguest with the help of your mousetraps, you might think that it will be easier to kill it in an instant. You need to think twice and put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to be killed instantly? Think about their own families who love them and are waiting for them to come home. What will you feel if it was done to you by someone you do not know? One quick way is to just save them, you have already held them captive and you can set them free or call wildlife rehab. They will advise you what is the best way you need to do.

Wildlife Rehab
Most of us may be familiar with wildlife rehabilitators. But what do they really do? Wildlife rehab is the process of taking care of our injured wildlife. The process caters to orphaned animals and curing sick animals. Once they have fully recovered, they will ultimately be released again to the wild in order for them to learn and survive on their own. Licensed wildlife rehabilitators are the only ones who have the ability to take good medical care to this injured wildlife and release them back to the wild.

Taking care of the wildlife
Well, ideally speaking, wildlife rehabilitators can take of all the mice you have caught. But in reality, they can only cater to injure baby mice. Due to lack of resources, it has been said that they can only take care of baby mice. They would feed them just like what a mother mouse would do to her babies. Once they have fully grown into a mouse, they will eventually be released into the open wild.

Licenses and permits to become a wildlife rehabilitator
Just because you want to rehabilitate an animal does not mean you can. You need to be a licensed rehabilitator in order to do this process. There are various requirements and trainings you need to adhere to before being one of them. What do wildlife rehabilitators do with mice?

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