Do more mice live in urban areas or wild areas?

From the name house mouse, it is clear that mice are more in the urban areas than in the wild. Although they are originally wild animals, mice have been seen to thrive better in urban areas than in the wild.

Why are there more mice in the urban areas than in the wild?
Mice are said to be the second most populous mammals in urban areas after humans. The reason that they tend to be more here is because they thrive better alongside humans. They are thus said to be commensal rodents. Around humans, there is surety of ever finding food with much ease as compared to the life in the wild. Aside from just food, shelter is almost at their disposal owing to their small size and water is in plenty. There are also less predators in the urban areas than in the wild.

Where exactly do they live while in the urban areas
Mice population in the urban areas is certainly a problem to the humans. They are typically considered as pests. While in the urban areas, they will be seen living in areas such as tunnels, in the yard but most of the time in peoples’ houses. They love to live in secret places, directly away from humans and from predators. For this reason, they will make shelter in house compartments like the attic, the ceiling and sometimes the chimney. While outside the house, they will take over your garage.

Consequences of living in urban areas
These consequences are actually more felt by humans as their life is pretty much comfortable here. When mice invade your property, then be sure that the conditions will not be the same. Mice are known to be very destructive animals especially due to the fact that they chew on most things.

• In the house Now this is where most damage is done and felt. These annoying creatures will cause damage to your clothes, your furniture and worse still your important documents as they chew on paper. They will also go as far as causing appliance malfunction when they result to chewing through the wires. While in the garage, they will make it their job to have you take your car for repairs.

• In factories There is no denying that there are times that factories have had to repair their machines and other equipment not because they just failed, but because their failure was a result of mice attack.

• In gardens Mice invade on whatever vegetables we choose to grow in our garden. This is especially annoying as they contaminate the vegetables posing a health risk to you and your family. Do more mice live in urban areas or wild areas?

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