Will a pest control company remove a house mouse?

Yes, indeed! A pest control company will remove a house mouse out of your property whether alive or dead. They are the experts in this field. After all, pests are the very reason they are in business and mice is considered as pests. They will do the job perfectly not mentioning their top speed at this. There are various methods that they use depending on whether the animal is alive or dead or where exactly the animal is.

• Using of snap traps

Experts agree that as much as this may be the oldest method known, it is certainly the most efficient. When they use these traps, there is no doubt a difference in the results from if it is the homeowner doing the trapping. Upon inspecting your home, they will establish the most strategic places to place these traps. Unlike many ordinary users that would just put any food as bait, experts advocate for using sticky foods as the mouse might just steal the food away. As for the experts, peanut butter will be among the baits they will use.

• Using poisons

Most people normally consider using poisons as their most preferred choice to get rid of mice. The thing is, handling a mice issue with poison may be somewhat tricky even to the experts. Shocking I know. They will certainly try to do their best if the poison is your choice but the bitter truth is that they do a bad job with poisons. So instead of using this method which is no fun to both yourself and the animal, how about you try other means that will not bother you with the burden of having to search for a carcass.

• Using electric snaps

These are the newest snap tools and of course pet companies do have them. Like the snap traps, they know just the right places to set them for ultimate results. When set correctly, there is no limit to the number of mice that can be eliminated by this tool. If your financial budget cannot allow you to get yourself this snap, no worries, they have experts that carry their own and do the job for you.

• Conclusion

There exist a number of ways to get rid of mice in your home and the pest control company will always be ready to do this job for you. However, even as you choose the means to be executed in your home, remember that use of poisons may certainly not be the best. Will a pest control company remove a house mouse?

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