What attracts mice?

Usually the mice which are found in the houses are omnivores but the most common food which is preferred by the mice is grains, seeds and fruits. As a result they can pose danger and serious threat to the crops and grains stored in the houses for the purpose of eating by humans. In addition to this, the mice also destroy the domestic gardens. The most favorite thing in the gardens for mice is the bulbs and roots of the small delicate plants. However it is also a common belief that mice are mostly attracted by the cheese. Usually the mice do not drink much water. Therefore they prefer to eat such diets which can yield eater in the by-product as a result of respiration.

This will be stored in the body and will not be excreted out of the body. It is believed that chocolate can prove to be a more carbohydrate rich food for mice as compared to cheese. Therefore more mice are attracted towards chocolate than towards cheese. However above all these favorites and preferable of mice, they are not at all choosy in their diet and they do not eat any specific food. They will eat everything when they find it especially in the trash cans. As a result the mice will consume any available food source near them. The remarkable thing about mice is that they can survive on even a small quantity of food for longer periods of time.

Starving mice

It has been noted that when the mice are in times of starvation, they tend to be cannibalistic. Sometimes the females have been seen to eat up their own offspring as well. Some mice are even observed which consume even their own tails. However, this behavior is very unusual and it is observed under conditions of extreme stress.

Other than eating up the food items, mice have also been reported to gnaw some really incredible items like electrical wiring, paper, boxes of cardboard and many other household items. Even if they cannot gnaw certain things, they might be containing their chew marks. However this gnawing habit is only due to the nesting habit of mice and they do not literally eat it up. Usually this chewing activity is carried out in the dark areas where the mice build their nests and breed over there. However if this activity is not stopped, you may end up resulting in a while clan of mice.

What attracts mice?

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