How big do mice get?

The shape and structure of an adult mouse is the same as that of an adult rat. The weight of an adult mouse can be up to 30 grams and this is the normal weight. Similarly the fancy mice can reach the weight value of 50 grams on the scale. The body size of an adult mouse is about 3 to 4 inches and the tail size is about 3 to 4 inches separately. The structural analysis of the house mice shows that these are covered in hair and the color of their body fur is from brown to grey and sometimes even black. On the contrary the color of the belly of house mouse is lighter as compared to its back. The ears and tails of the mice are also covered by less dense hair as compared to that on the rest of the body. The maximum size of the adult mice can be 20 cm from the head to tip of the tail and their weight may range from 12 grams to 30 grams.

Other distinct features of mice

There are various other characteristics of mice which resemble those of rats but many other are also very distinct. For example the droppings of mice are different in shape and size than those of the rats. The droppings of mice are of rod shaped and these are pointed on both the ends. The house mice normally live in the farms, fields, areas where heavy grass is present or in the wooded areas. These are the locations where the mice can find food and shelter easily. Unlike rats, mice do not require warmth to that much extent. Being active their rate of metabolism is very high and therefore they generate their own body heat to a large extent. The build their nests close to the nearest food source.

Nature of house mice

Basically the house mice are very inquisitive in nature and they keep on roaming about in their territory for the whole day. During their roaming visits, they also discover new places where they have to go and various other places where they should not go and they learn their paths very quickly. House mice are opportunistic feeders and they will eat anything they find anytime. In most of the cases they prefer to live on seeds and nuts. Generally the house mice are omnivores and can everything from small insects to grains and nuts.

How big do mice get?

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