What can mice chew through

Mice chew on literally anything and that is one major reason as to why they are termed as destructive. They chew on materials that they find useful in making their nests. Another reason is due to the fact that their incisors are designed in a manner that they have a continuous growth. Mice therefore gnaw or chew on things with the aim of trimming or reducing the growth of their incisors. So what are some of the things that they chew through.

• Electrical wires.

This is problem that is encountered not only at home but as well as in factories and garages. Mice are known to chew through wires something that causes great damage to the particular machines and losses to the owner. Such machines will decline in their performance or ultimately fail demanding repairs that sometimes are costly. Electrical wires that pass through prime mice invaded areas such as the attic in homes are the most affected.

• Insulation

One might think that they may have outsmarted mice by having their electrical wires insulated. Sadly, this is not the case as insulations are not spared either from these little annoying creatures. They will chew on them to have whatever piece that will be useful in their nests. This can cause real damage in the sense that naked wires mean a potential fire accident. Malfunctioning, short circuiting and even failure might just be the end when the attack is on your appliances.

• Paper

Paper in this case will mean a whole lot of items. It is no wonder to find some pages of the books in your library missing. You might have carefully kept your valuable documents in some drawer but these might just be the place to have mice acting on them. They have no shame regarding whet they chew no matter the value and importance. The rich may also get their share of the damage these creatures cause if they happen to accommodate them as priceless paintings will not be spared either.

• Wood

All of use admire having nice expensive furniture in our homes, offices and other properties. However, your joy after owning these furniture will only remain if you keep mice off your property. If not so. It will not be long before their appearance change for the worst and not as appealing and eye catching as before. Among all things that mice can chew through, wood is not left out of the list. What can mice chew through

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