How to keep mice out of my garbage

Mice are a menace not only inside our homes but also around our homes in places like our garden, garage and the garbage. One major reason that we do not want them near is that they are destructive chewing on most of our house holds items and our vegetables in the garden as well as their risk of spreading disease. So what exactly do you do if you have the mice problem in your garbage.

• Use firmly covered trash cans

Using trash cans that have tight leads will make it impossible for them to access your garbage. It is careless to leave the garbage open after disposing as this is just inviting and entertaining these creatures bearing in mind that the garbage is their source of food. While disposing, ensure that you first dispose your garbage especially the kitchen waste in a plastic bag before tossing it in such a trash can. With no access to food, the mice will not want to hang around any longer but move to search for a more promising source of food.

• Tabasco mixture

This mixture acts as a repellant. For the mixture you will need water, a table spoon of tobacco sauce and dish detergent about half a cup. Mix and spray the mixture in and on your trash can and the garbage area. Even so, it may not such as effective method as the mice eventually becomes immune.

• Use of critter proof structures.

This could probably be among the most effective and long term method. It will not only solve the mice problem but also keep other pests out of your garbage. All you have to do is buy some closure where you will put your trash can. Now this way, your trash is completely off the mice. After carefully disposing your garbage, and tossing it in the trash can, cover and then lock the enclosure. There is absolutely no way that these pests will find access to your trash and soon they will no longer be interested in your garbage area. As for mice, the moment you do not give them the reason to stay, they move in search of a better and more convenient place for their stay.

• Use of peppermint oil

This works as a repellent. It is available in major grocery stores and organic stores. All you have to do is pour about 2-3 drops of the oil in some cotton balls and place them around your garbage area. Due to their smell, the mice will certainly avoid the area. However, this is a temporary method because with time the smell loses its intensity requiring you to use another set of cotton balls with the peppermint oil. It is therefore not an economical method. How to keep mice out of my garbage

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