What are some humane ways to kill a house mouse?

We all had our own fair share of rodents in our lovely homes such as our tiny enemy; the infamous house mouse.Who would want someone rummaging our cabinets and closets in the middle of the night? Then when you wake up in the morning, it is like a horror scene when you see your food supplies torn into bits. Now, for us to get back to these rodents, we tend to hold them captive and kill them with our own hands.

Catching a mouse
Of course, before we will be able to kill a mouse, we need to capture it. How do we do it? Here are some of the instructions on catching a mouse:

• Snap traps –these are commonly used in households
• Glue traps – that little cardboard like that has a sticky glue on it
• Get a cat – do nothing and watch the cat do its thing

Caught mouse
Considering that you are now able to catch a mouse, how do you handle it? However, we need to identify first what we want to do with it. Once you were able to pinpoint what you want to do with it; you then move forward. Ask yourself this ‘Do I kill it or do I set it free?’

Killing the mouse
When you really want to kill the rodent, here are a few steps you can follow to make it humane:

• Put the trapped mouse in a bucket of water and let it drown until it dies
• Smash the head of the mouse while he is trapped to not prolong his agony. (Smashing it may be a bit inhumane, so putting a heavy object in his head might also work)
• Cats are their natural predators so you just allow your cat to do all the work.

Setting the mouse free
Since you could not kill the rodent with your bare hands, you could decide to throw it away far away from your home. The trapped mouse can be easily dumped into a garbage can or a plastic bag, however, note that these rodents are clever and smart. They will ultimately find a way to escape from the trap. The best thing to do is enclose them into a plastic bag or a small hard box, run away from home at least two to three miles and then leave the mouse there. Let it try to escape the box or the plastic alone and the natural predators will make it prey soon. Just ensure that it is away from your home or any other households. What are some humane ways to kill a house mouse?

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