What are the types of house mouse?

It is no denying that as cute as mice may be, they are destructive and therefore are not welcomed in our homes. When they make our homes their dwelling place, we want to get rid of them a soon as we can. Today, there have been a number of methods that have been used to eliminate them both humane and inhumane and use of traps are the most common methods. There are various traps depending on their cost, their functionality and whether they are humane or not. Below are these types.

• Glue traps.

These kind of traps are among the most inhumane method used to get rid of a mouse. Sadly, they are available almost in all commercial outlets. Glue traps as the name suggests performs by the aspect of stickiness. What happens is that the mouse is normally lured by the food flavoring scent of the trap and once its trapped, it is unable to free itself. The end result is normally death commonly due to exhaustion during the struggle, suffocation in the event that it is the face that got stuck as well as dehydration and starvation.

• Live traps

Opposite from glue traps, these are considered the most humane type of traps. This method generally entails setting the cage in strategic points that is the mice entry and exist points. After the catch, they are set free away from the property. Live traps prove to be very effective especially because mice are animals known to fall for baits.

• Snap traps

These are probably the pioneer traps. They have been used for a pretty long time. Sometimes they may work and sometimes not especially if the mice are aware and choose to ignore the bait. How it works is that a bait is placed on the trap to lure the mouse. The metal bar of the trap is automatically triggered as the mouse to take the bait and gets killed. This trap, however, comes with the disadvantage that another animal that was not your concern like your pet, may actually be the one trapped and killed if not hurt.

• Electric traps

This is the newest method so far. The thought of it being humane or not I would say, depends on what perspective you look at it. Others may view it as humane as there is no torture or slow death involved because the animal dies instantly. What happens is that the mouse gets killed by being electrocuted by a high voltage. What are the types of house mouse?

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