What Should I Do With a House Mouse After I Catch It?

This mouse had been turning your home upside down, eating your finest fabrics and trying its teeth on your papers and books. You got so angry to the point of frustration and decided to do something about it. You set a non-lethal trap for the animal, and your trap successfully caught it. Now after catching the mouse, you are bereft of idea on what to do about it. Maybe you are sparing the arrested little destroyer a glance as you wonder what to do, with the animal seemingly unconcerned about your plans or lack of it, but is fully consumed with curiosity about its immediate environment in the cage. The information given here will put paid to your state of confusion and teach you what to do about the mouse that you have just caught.

Just let it go
After trapping a mouse, you can decide just to let it go. What to do is to take the trap cage out outside far from home and release the small animal to the wild again. Nature will thank you for it. This method will save you a good amount of money, and it will also benefit nature; even if you cannot recover the clothes and documents that the mouse has eaten, it is still a win-win situation for everyone.

• Never release them close to the house; take them as far into the bush as possible to make sure they will rarely find their ways back to the house.

Can it be kept as a pet?
Maybe it has eaten your papers and clothes, but you felt something akin to pity and affection for this little animal and will not as to kill it or let it out of your sight. Then you may be thinking of turning it into a pet. Yes, some people do turn mice to pet, but it is not advisable. You need to understand that your pet mouse cannot be taken out for shopping like other pets, making it not an entirely exciting idea.

• The mouse can bite, and the bite can be lethal, depending on the type of mouse you are dealing with. Caution should be exercised when dealing with them.

Kill it
One other way to get rid of the mouse is to simply kill them. Instead of worrying your head about another thing to do, simply shooting the rat dead or hitting its head against a wall can put an end to the dilemma. What Should I Do With a House Mouse After I Catch It?

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