Do mothballs or ammonia help repel mice?

Are you also from the people who are fed up of the mice in your homes? These are the people who consistently remain in search of the items that are enough to keep their house away from the mice and most of the people recommend mothballs and ammonia for this purpose.

• Different types of smells to clean your house:

There are different types of smells that naturally repel mice and they leave the house. If a repellent has a strong smell of ammonia and other thing like that, mice will be tending to leave the attic. The way to use this strong smell is to leave this smell at the point where mice exist. When they will smell it, they will obviously leave their area. But in most of the cases we come to know that these repellents do not work as effectively as they should do.

• Use of mothballs as mice repellents:

Most of the people have experience of the mothballs. There are many different ways to repel mice from the house and a mothball is on top of these repellents. When a mouse enters in the house, it seems as if they are old habitants of the house and have been living in the same house for many years. In this case, they start to multiply from two to four and sometimes five also.

• Caution:

When you have decided to use mothballs, make sure that kids should not go nearer to them. Storing these tablets in your attic will leave your area empty of the mice.

• Use of ammonia as an effective mouse repellent:

Ammonia is another strong smell that is used to kill the mice or asked to run them in another direction. Ammonia is used in the same way as mothballs are used. Most of the people do not like to use them because of the strong smell. Ammonia should be split over the area where mice exist like corners and underneath area of the walls. Mice like to make their homes in the cabinets of the kitchen but make sure that ammonia should be split over in the kitchen because of its strong smell that is very much harmful for the health. So, these were two most popular mice repellents that are used in most of the cases. What you should do is to be cautious before using them. Do mothballs or ammonia help repel mice?

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