What Equipment Is Needed To Trap Mouse?

Several types of equipment can be used in trapping a house mouse. You will get to learn about many of the equipment in this write-up.

The old fashioned snap trap is reliable
Many types of equipment have come up as regards trapping a mouse, but none of them can take the shine off the old –fashioned method of doing things; it is still as reliable as it had ever been since it was first made. All you need to do is to set the trap properly and place the bait in the right place. After that, place the trap in the right location in the home, and it will get the job done.

• Be wary of where the trap is located so that you do not end up getting caught in it instead
• Warn your kids or prevent them from wandering to where the trap is located to prevent an avoidable accident.
• They almost always kill the mouse instantly and prevent the poor hapless thing from undergoing excessive pain.

You can also trust sticky trap
The sticky trap is yet equipment that can be used in trapping house mouse. It is composed of cardboard on which a sticky substance is spread. The sticky substance is evenly spread on the cardboard, and the mouse is trapped when it climbs on any part of the sticky trap. While the snap trap kills the mouse instantly, the sticky trap does not.

• After the trap has does its job, you can euthanize the mouse it has caught.
• The bigger traps are more effective and can catch more mice.

Live trap is another option
One other option on types of equipment for catching mice at home is the live trap. It is very easy to use, and it catches the mouse alive. If you do not like the idea of killing the mice, as the case will be when you use the old-fashioned snap trap or causing them pain, as the case will be when you use the sticky trap, you can opt for this method; it catches the mouse without causing it any pain.

What about buying a cat?
A cat may not be a type of equipment, but it is yet another reliable method you can adopt for catching or eradicating mice in your home. The cat, aside from killing any mouse that it sees, will also prevent mice from ever finding their ways to your home.

• If you do not have a cat, you can borrow from a friend
• Even if there is no mouse yet, you can buy a cat and place it in your premises as a preventive measure. What Equipment Is Needed To Trap Mouse?

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