Do mice enter a building through the plumbing

Mice are pests that do have a variety when it comes to entry points. They can fit into the tiniest of spaces that you couldn’t possibly imagine. Just a ¼ inch of space is enough to have them the entry they are seeking. Among their many entry points, plumbing is one. Although it is not really their most popular entry points,mice are able to climb up through the plumbing and make stay in your home. Now that we have establish that it is indeed possible, what exactly are the measures to be taken in curbing this.

• Ensure proper kitchen waste management.

House mice are known to feed off whatever is left after a meal. Therefore, having your left overs aimlessly without proper disposal means that you are just as well inviting and later entertain them. The thing with rodents and other pests is that they will have no business with your property if the conditions there are not suitable for them and as for conditions, the major one being food. Deny them food by properly disposing your kitchen waste and this will go a long way in reducing the chances of a mice or other rodents like the rats to enter your property via the plumbing.

• Use of mechanical guards.

Mechanical guards in this case are basically shields that are included in pipes as plumbing is being done. They are mostly made out metals or sheets. What happens is that the mice are shielded from accessing the pipes and even if they do enter, further climbing is halted as there are other shields ahead. This therefore act as a very effective way to prevent entry into your property.

• Regularly inspecting your plumbing.

This is no doubt the simplest method. No much effort is required really. Inspecting the plumbing generally entails having a look if the pipes and other plumbing systems in your house in good condition. Check if the guards and shields are in place and correct any faults as you do not want to have to deal with mice problems and expenses to repair the damages they will cause later.

• Seeking an expert’s help

If the whole issue of ensuing proper plumbing in a manner that will keep mice off your property seems to be beyond your capacity, have experts come over and do the job for you. Have plumbers come and install barriers in your plumbing and correct all the necessary plumbing stacks. In the end, it will certainly be worth it. Do mice enter a building through the plumbing

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