What is a house mouse’s natural diet?

Mice are said to be veracious animals meaning that they eat quite a lot. All factors constant, a mouse can eat an average of about 15 to 20 times every single day. They thus prefer to stay in areas where food is not such a hustle to find. The natural diet of the mouse will depend on the specie as well as the age of the mice. There are mice that are solely herbivorous while others include meat in their diet and are thus omnivorous.

• Baby mouse

Mice are mammals and mammals are known to take care of their young one and give them breast milk. When little are born, they depend on their mother’s milk as food. When they begin to grow then the milk is supplemented with food that the mother brings such as fruits, grains and corn.

• Herbivores

There are mice that only eat plant matter. When in the wild, such mice will feed on seeds and fruits as well as some vegetables. However, in other seasons where fresh fruits are not available, then they result to eat plant matter such as oats, corn, wheat as well as barks and roots of trees, Sometimes, they will be seen eating potatoes. It is also interesting to know that they will sometimes feed on their faeces . These faeces are a source of nutrients to them. The nutrients are normally produced by bacteria found inside their intestines.

• Omnivores

Most of the mice found in the urban areas are omnivores. Take an example of the wood mice. These species of mice eat both plant matter and meat. As for plant matter, it will eat stuff as fruits, edible fungi like mushrooms, seeds as well as flower buds. For non-plant matter, it will eat things such as snails, worms, crickets, centipedes and insects. They will also sometimes feed on their faeces for nutrients. In extreme hunger, they will result to eating their tails. Other omnivores would include, the white foot mouse, and the grasshopper mouse whose main diet include insects. They also occasionally feed on small rodents as they are skilled hunters.

• Field mice

This kind of mice do not have much of an option but eat whatever they find. They will mostly survive on humans’ leftovers found in trash cans. In other cases, these mice will go as far as feeding on dead animals. What is a house mouse’s natural diet?

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