How do you remove a house mouse stuck in a garbage can or other place

A house mouse has numerous entry and visit places and sometimes they get stuck in these places. These places would include areas such as walls, the roof areas and sometimes in our garbage cans. Their scratching as they struggle to free themselves can be really irritating to your eyes that you will not have much of a choice but remove them.

• When in a garbage can.

If your idea is to free the mouse, then wear some gloves and dig into the can till you find it. Put it in a cage and then after deal with it as you please to protect your property. However, some people may not see the point of freeing it but rather cover the lead for another week or two so that the animal dies of starvation.

• When in a wall

A mouse may get stuck inside a wall in the event that it falls in between the walls and is unable to climb out or yet still,get inside and somehow unable to come out. Locating a mouse that is stuck in some wall is pretty easy. The scratching will be so frequent that you could not possibly ignore. In this case, cutting the wall is the solution. Assemble your tools such as the drill and gloves and begin to drill through. Even as you do so, avoid drilling aimlessly but do it while maintaining angles, such that you will be able to fix the piece of dry wall back. At this point, remove the mouse and then decide on which action to take after. Fix back the piece of wall.

• In the ceiling.

The same procedure that you use on the walls are the same ones you will use for the ceiling. The only difference will be that, for the ceiling, it will be a bit of a task due to the upward positioning.

• Having the services of an expert

If removing a stuck mouse seems to be a challenge, then do not bother yourself. This is the reason we have the experts. They know just about everything related to pests and mice is not an exception. Have them remove the stuck mice in your garbage can, your walls and any other places they may be. It will cost you some dollars, but the services you get will certainly be worth it. How do you remove a house mouse stuck in a garbage can or other place

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