An analysis of inhumane glue traps

House mice are generally considered as pests and so they are animals that we do not want around or in our homes. For this reason, there have come a number of ways to get rid of them some which are said to be humane will most remain inhumane. These could range from the use of live traps, to poisoning to the use of glue traps. In this case, we shall have a look at the glue traps and how it functions.

• Glue traps functionality

The trap is made of sticky materials like mineral oil, glue and synthetic rubber coupled with food flavoring. The flavoring in this case acts as the bait. What happens is that the mouse gets lured and comes into contact with the trap. The trap will then hold the mice as it is sticky in a manner that the mouse is unable to free itself. This method is seen as inhumane as the end result is death after long suffering.

• After the trap

What happens after depends if the right trap was used for the right mouse. If a small trap was used and the mouse that was trapped was a big mouse, then the higher chances will be that the mouse will succeed in freeing itself. However, it will not be spared some hair lose in in worse cases, the skin of the affected area. Small mice do not have it here as the trap literally means a death sentence.

• Why are these traps termed as inhumane?

This is because the mouse is often exposed to torture before the end result, death. This death is a slow painful death taking not less than 2 days. What happens is that after being trapped, the mouse will naturally try to free itself an activity that is very painful. Its hair gets pulled off as it struggles and sometimes the skin. The exhaustion during the struggle is enough to cause death. However, in most times, death is normally as a result of dehydration or starvation and other cases suffocation in the event that it is the animal’s head that got stuck.

• Disadvantages of using glue traps

First is definitely the fact that it is a very inhumane way of getting rid of the animal. They do not work very efficiently especially if the wrong size was used. It is not an economical method as you only use one trap per mouse. An analysis of inhumane glue traps

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