How to inspect a house for house mouse entry holes

Mice are pest that have a variety of entry points due to their small size and the fact that they are climbers. If you want to deal with the mice problem, the key is to modify your home in a manner that it is inhabitable for them rather than concentrating on how to get rid of them. The first step in this mission would include identifying all points that act as entries and seal them or put up other barrier measures where sealing is not an option.

• Use indicators

Indications in this case will be their droppings. Droppings of mice are about the size of a grain of rice. Mice like other rodents like the rats will leave their droppings along their path. This therefore serves as an advantage when it comes to tracing the entry holes as all you have to do is follow.

• Checking cupboards and other kitchen compartments.

The one thing that will certainly attract mice to a place will be presence of food. The kitchen area will therefore, be a place that is prone to mice. While inspecting, ensure you thoroughly inspect areas the kitchen store, cupboards, shelves for entry holes. When you are successful in finding them, ensure that you immediately seal them as having them in the kitchen means food contamination and potential transfer of disease.

• Inspect your walls.

Inspect your walls both in the interior as well as exterior. Walls, especially ones they are able to climb are among the major avenues that mice use to get into your property. Within the walls run a number of wires such as the alarm system’s system wire, electrical wires and this make their climb even easier. Seal up seals and cracks of the interior walls to give them time to exit and after on the exterior walls to prevent further entry.

• Inspecting the plumbing system as well as sewer pipes.

Mice have been known to enter homes and other establishments through the pipes. Plastics are among the many materials that mice can chew through. This therefore goes that pipes around our homes may be entry points for these pets. Have all the pipes that have been chew on repaired as well as ensuring that the pipes leading to the building are firmly attached against the building. As for the plumbing system, install shields to prevent them from climbing into your property. How to inspect a house for house mouse entry holes

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