Do mice make good pets?

While we consider mice as rodents that only rummages our cabinets, drawers and attics, have we ever thought about giving them a chance to be like our household pets? Can they actually work as a pet in our home? What will you do if you caught a mouse in your home? Would you keep it as a pet? Mice are independent and they can provide happiness to themselves without having the need for a human to take care of them. But it may be pretty tempting to maybe obtain at least one or two of them.

Life span
If you want to obtain a pet, the first thing you need to consider is their life span. Mice only live for one and a half to three years at max. Animals like them have a shorter period of life probability.

Mice habits
If you are considering getting a mouse as a pet, you should familiarize yourself with their habits.

• Mice are nocturnal. This means that they are very lively at night. Do not expect that they will be proactive in daylight.
• They are very social, you do not want to only get one, you would prefer having them live in two’s on in groups.
• Do not allow two male mice to live together. Chances are they will fight until one of them dies.
• If you want to have plenty of mice, you would want to pet at least one male and female.

You would not want to have your mice living in a cage where they would feel they are being held captive. You would want them to live comfortably. So, there are a few thing you need to consider when choosing a cage for them.

• Glass aquariums and wire cages are the best choices for your mice pets.
• The cage should be placed somewhere they can fully be in contact with humans. This is so they can get used to being exposed to people.
• Keep them warm by providing layers of aspen shavings. Do not use cedar and pine shavings since it has strong oils that may be risky for your mice pets.

Cleaning their habitat
Unlike our canine pets, mice do not get bathe. Therefore, the best thing to do is to keep their cages clean at all times. It is best not to wait for their unpleasant odors to spread quickly. However, note that our mice are territorial so keeping it clean every day might stress them. Do mice make good pets?

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