What Is the Best Bait to Trap a House Mouse?

You need bait to trap mouse successful in your home, office or anywhere else for that matter. This, however, does not mean every method of catching a mouse requires bait, but most methods do. The best bait to use in trapping a mouse is the one that the mouse likes. Mice have specific kinds of foods that they love to eat. Placing such foods in the trap set for them will always attract them. So, what the best items you can use as bait for mice? Continue to read to find out more.

Love for small seeds
Mice are always in love with small seeds, and this makes the latter one of the best items that can be used as bait to catch them. With a doll-up of peanut butter, you can effectively lure a mouse into a trap. Be that as it may, the bait must be set very carefully so that it can get the job done as desired.

Other effective baits
Check below for the best ten items that can be used as baits to trap mice

• Pet food does work. The best in this category is wet dog or cat foods.
• You can equally opt for bird nuts or seeds
• If you cannot get any of the ones listed above, you can use bits of cracker evenly mixed with butter as your bait.
• What about strong smelling soft cheese? It equally works perfectly
• Not only your girlfriend is in love with chocolate; mice too love it with passion. As a result, you can use chocolate as bait for trapping mice.
• Sweet candies or gumdrops are not made for human taste buds alone; mice also have a soft spot for them. However, make sure you opt for the softer type and not the hard one.
• You can try chunky or smooth peanut also; it works perfectly
• If you could not get any of the items listed above, why not give bacon bits a try? You can use either the raw or cooked beacon bit, and it will work perfectly as bait for trapping the mouse. However, make sure you do not go for either the ones in a can or jar. Instead of beacon bits, you can go for beacon grease.
• You need to understand that mice have a sweet tooth too; as a result, they can be perfectly trapped using a dollop of maple syrup
• Raw or cooked small slices of hot dogs can also do the trick. What Is the Best Bait to Trap a House Mouse?

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