How do I clean house mouse feces out of my attic?

When you think you have mice living with you and your family, it is likely that there is a sign of feces that you will be sighting anywhere within your household. These are of course, very disgusting and maddening. Who would want to see something that is unpleasant to our homes? Nonetheless, you do not have a choice but to endure it and clean the grime caused by an uninvited guest.

Where will I see feces?
You will most likely see their filth from where they were breeding and nesting. They will also be present in our cabinets or drawers where they always tend to start their scavenging hunt for food supplies. Note that these may look a lot like raisins so these should be cleaned right away at first sight. Thus, avoiding being eaten by your pet or your innocent toddler!

How do I start cleaning?
Yes, you are in a hurry to start the cleaning method, but do not forget that you also have to ensure that you are free of risk while doing the process. There is nothing more important than your health.

• Put on protective and sanitized gloves
• Wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth

What not to do when cleaning the mouse feces?
Also, note that there are a few things to avoid when cleaning the feces.

• Do not use a vacuum as it may likely just stick inside it, this will only put you into more work rather than having your work done easily.
• Do not sweep as you may just clatter the grime.
• Do not smell or try to sniff it any way.

Cleaning method
Since mice are already actively living in your home, most of them would opt to live in the attic because they love the warm temperature and darkness of it. So, if you have already found where they were breeding and nesting, you might want to clean their feces as soon as possible.

Here are the proper techniques in cleaning their filth:
• Ensure that all ventilations are open to avoid smelling all the airborne viruses it has.
• Pick up the feces and put in a plastic bag.
• Carefully close the plastic bag and check that there are not holes on every side of it.
• Use the best disinfectant to spray all over the infected area.
• Wash your hands thoroughly. How do I clean house mouse feces out of my attic?

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