Are Cage Traps A Good Option For Mice?

The general idea is that cage traps are not the best options for mice. It is true that a cage trap is very reliable in trapping a mouse, but this does not mean it is the best way to trap a mouse. The reason is that a trapped mouse will rarely live after it has been relocated to outside. Dehydration is one o of the problems encountered by mice in a cage; this problem can also lead to their death. They can equally succumb to exhaustion or stress, which makes this option not the most humane for trapping mice.

How to apply it
If you are making use of cage trap for mice, never forget to check on these animals on a frequent basis; checking on them once in 12 hours will be a great idea. You will find the cage trap to be less humane than the snap trap if you fail to check on the mouse.

Furthermore, it has been discovered over time that snap traps have more practical reliability than the cage trap since the former can be placed in several spots in the home, making them able to trap the mouse wherever it may be hiding. This is to tell that you may be better off using a snap trap than any other type of trap for catching mice. Snap trap kills them instantly and helps take away their sufferings and pains, unlike any other type of trap for mice.

Other important considerations
Aside from setting a trap for the mouse, there are several other things that you need to do to keep your home free of these pests. For one, you need to carry out a frequent home inspection to find out if there is no hole around the house where the mouse can gain entrance. Immediately you discover any hole, it is time to get such a hole repaired, and this will save you from the headache of trapping the mice.

When cage trap is the best option
While cage trap may not be the best, it may be better than several other methods out there. Do not forget that cage trap does not kill the rodent immediately and it is very easy to locate, which means you can get to the mouse before it dies; the same cannot be said about several other methods of trapping mouse

• Dead rodents can cause odor in the house, making cage trap more effective
• Cage trap is a perfect choice if the mice are trap shy
• In cage trap, you will not need to use poison bait, which will prevent the possibility of hazard to other wildlife, children or pets. Are Cage Traps A Good Option For Mice?

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