Is house mouse feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Tracking a mouse may be hard because these tiny uninvited guests are clever and fast. But they do not know that we can also locate them by the feces they leave while undertaking their scavenger hunt. We really could not keep away a mouse from our home. No matter what we do, they are just still there hovering within our households. If we see mouse feces from our home, this would indicate that a house mouse is actively living with you and your family.

Mouse feces
• Mouse feces are tiny, approximately three to six mm in length and one fourth inch thick.
• They are in a granule like shape and is truly in black color.
• The shape still usually depends on the size of the mouse but most commonly, they can appear like the same of a raisin.
• Both ends are pointed

Mouse feces smell
The smell of mouse feces are usually solid and has a pungent ammonia-like scent. You can also see them scattered around your home. House mouse may also go from fifty to seventy pellets of their feces daily.

Mouse feces are harmful and considered a hazard to our health
While these feces can be commonly seen on areas where they have rummaged your things and food, it may also be actively known to be seen near their breeding and nesting stations. These carry harmful bacterial, viruses and a lot of diseases. Infested areas of the home are likely to contain significant amounts of feces, urine and saliva.These should not be smelt or touch bare handedly. If you see the need to pick it up, you might want to use protective and sanitized gloves.

What to do when mouse feces are present in my home?
Self- awareness is always relevant to this kind of issues. If you find yourself sighting feces all over your home, you need to prepare for it before cleaning it. Yes, they may look harmless but they are very risky to you and your family’s health. There are proper cleaning techniques to help get rid of these.

• Do not come near it when you are not wearing protective and sanitized gloves.
• Do not forget to use a mask so you can cover your nose and mouth when trying to clean the dirt.
• It will also be helpful to use a disposable plastic cloth so you can quickly throw it once you are done. Is house mouse feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

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