What kind of damage do mice cause in the attic

Mice are among the most destructive pests and you therefore want nothing to do with them. Their small size and ability to climb makes a variety of places available to them. They inhabit different house compartments like the attic, the chimney, the ceiling and sometimes walls. It is needless to mention that once they have access to a particular place, then the place is bound for destruction. In this case, we shall look into the damages they cause in the attic.

• Cutting electrical wires

The one characteristic that makes mice very destructive is the fact that they can chew on just about anything. Electrical wires with all their insulation are not spared either. It is no new news to hear of cases that the lights in certain rooms are working while others are not only for an electrician to come and find the wires in the attic have been cut. It is not the lighting system that is the only one that is affected but wires of the alarm system are prone to attack as well. For this reason, mice and other pests should not be entertained in the attic for whatever reason.

• Potential fire accident.

Mice in your attic means a potential fire accident and the sooner you remove them the better. Mice chew through insulations and this could include insulations of electrical happens. In this case the electrical wires are left naked and this is where the risk comes in. Naked wires and their dry flammable droppings are just the recipe for a fir to occur. This is why we sometimes hear of fire accidents from the blues. So instead of ignoring this issue, how about you resolve to solving the problem because if not, the price might just be too dear to pay.

• Destruction of the ceiling.

Most of our ceilings are made of cardboard. This material is again among the list of materials that mice chew through. Not only are they exposed to the chewing but also a lot of scratches. With this, it is likely to see some holes in your ceiling and the appearance of your ceiling changing to a not appealing site.

• Bad odor.

Attics that are home to pests such as ice are a no go zone. The smell from their droppings to their urine is just unbearable especially if it is a whole crusade of mice nesting there. The only way to effectively deal with this odor is to have them removed. What kind of damage do mice cause in the attic

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