How to keep mice out of my garden

Homes are not the only places that are prone to mice invasion but also our very beloved gardens. Mice are primarily known to be herbivorous and so your garden is paradise to them. The thing is, however, you are growing whatever you are growing to help yourself and not the mice. Removing them as fast as possible before much damage is done is what you would want to do. Below some of the ways to keep mice out of garden.

• Home improvements and modification.

This is generally ensuring that the areas around your home is modified in a manner that it does not entertain mice. Such methods would include clearing all manner of bushes or shrubs around your garden. Once this is done, a mouse will not have possibly have the courage to go about running in an open area just to get to your garden. Another method will be erecting modified fences. Modified in this case means erecting fences that have caps on the top. Though this may not be the best method there is, it will certainly try to reduce the chances of mice getting to your garden. How this caps work is that they ensure that the mice will have gone through such a rough time before it is successful in crossing over. You will only have to deal with the very resilient ones.

• Better gardening options.

Using an improved method for your gardening activity will certainly keep off the mice. Instead of having your garden open, have greenhouses instead. Greenhouses will ensure that your vegetables are shielded from these little annoying creatures. By using this method, you will not only have solved the issue of mice in your garden but also assured of getting healthy vegetables in abundance.

• Using lethal methods

lethal methods here include the use of glue traps, snap traps and electric traps. Of the three, the snap traps work the best. All you have to do is place these traps at strategic entry points of your garden with a bait on it and as soon as the mouse tries to get the bait, death becomes its call. Electric traps work under almost the same principle as snap traps only that in this case, voltage is what is used to kill the animal whereas in the snap traps, the metal is the one that kills once triggered. Glue traps on the other hand are not as effective and is a very inhumane means as it causes a slow death by means of either exhaustion due to struggling, suffocation or starvation.

• Using humane methods

Live traps as humane as they be, they are not the best way when it comes to handling them. You will have to relocate the mice to a different place making it a potential problem for someone else. Since electric traps is also a human method, then this should be probably the one to go for as the mouse is eliminated for good. How to keep mice out of my garden

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