What should I do if I find a nest of mice in the attic?

Most homeowners would not even know that there is someone living in their attic for years. Not until they find signs of tiny feces or hear noises in the middle of the night.It is because if you are living a busy schedule every day, you will tend to forget that you still have an attic that you need to check occasionally. Therefore, if the time comes, you will find yourself in awe that there is a pack of rodents nesting and breeding on it.

Mice in the attic
Although mice can live anywhere, they would still prefer living in your attic. Why? For the simple reason that it is warm and covered with darkness. No one would bother going into the attic every day just to check so the tendency is that it would be a perfect place for mice to breed and make it their habitat for the longest time possible.

Dangers of mice in the attic
There could be issues that may occur if mice continue to live in your attic comfortably. They may cause damages by chewing on your electrical wires. They may also live in the insides of your drywalls. Let us not forget the diseases they can spread and the unpleasant odor they carry. Since they are already on your attic, chances are, they would run into your kitchen for their food supply and contaminate your food, which we all know is wicked for our health.

Get rid of mice in the attic
Since they are already living in your attic, you might think that it is hard to catch them, mainly because of the small and dark area. Nevertheless, what you do not know is that you can also use this as an advantage to yourself. You may use the most common method to catch them; traps with food to lure them. Trust me, it will work.Time will come that they will realize it is no longer easy for them to live in your attic due to the traps you have put in there, so they will eventually leave.

Keeping the mice off
Finally, you get rid of the mice and the only thing you need to do is keeping your place off it.

• Continue to put traps in your attic
• Find the holes they are using to enter and ensure that these are close and sealed.
• Use repellents and ensure that all areas of your home, especially the attic are clean. What should I do if I find a nest of mice in the attic?

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