What are some of the symptoms of a sick house mouse?

Mice like other animal and humans fall sick sometimes. However, it may become hard to notice that a mouse is sick due to the fact that they are nocturnal and disguise themselves as not to appear sick in the fear that it may look like an easy catch. Even so, a sick mouse is a sick a mouse as it will not quite behave in the usual way however much the disguise. The following are some of the symptoms that will help in detecting a sick mouse.

• Diarrhea

This is not a usual occurrence even among humans therefore this definitely tells you that something is not right. Diarrhea is normally experienced more among the older mice than the younger ones. It may be a result of stomach upset, allot of fresh food in some cases Salmonella. Mice in the wild with a diarrhea case would normally die after about48 hours in cases where the dehydration was intense. However, pet mice get it easy as all one has to do is ensure that they get to drink lots of water. If the diarrhea experienced by your pet mouse persists for more than 2 days, then it will be wise to have a vet look at it.

• Distended abdomen.

This is a symptom that works better for the male mice as opposed to the female. This is because, a distended abdomen should only occur if a mouse is pregnant and so sometimes we may just assume that the female with this problem is pregnant even if it is really not. A distended abdomen could mean health complications such as fluid in the abdomen, abdominal tumor or a kidney problem. Therefore, if the mouse in case is not a pest but a pet, it is good to have it checked.

• Head tilt.

This is a symptom that would mean that the mouse is suffering from an ear infection. Head tilt comes as a result as disequilibrium to an extent that when the mouse is picked up while holding the tail, all it does is spin. Euthanasia is normally advised for severe cases.

• Wet tail.

This is a symptom that is not normally common among mice. However, if it does occur, then it means that the mouse has some urinary problem. The wet tail comes is normally as a result of urine leakage. Quick treatment is advised for your pet mouse as it may prove to be fatal with delays. What are some of the symptoms of a sick house mouse?

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