What If a House Mouse Got Inside My House, Bedroom, Kitchen, Etc?

Mice are unique animals in all sense of the word. They are clever and can perfectly hide their movements in your home during the day. However, they are not perfect in hiding their trails, making it somewhat easy to detect and eradicate them. When you notice sudden movement through the corner of your eyes at any corner of your home, it is time to suspect possible mouse infestation. When you hear squeaking sounds in the home, especially at night, then it is possible mice have invaded your home. So, what should you do when you start noticing things like this? Check below for hints on what to do.

Look for their nests
One of the first things to do is to look for the nests of the mice. The nests are usually located close to their droppings. So, you can use the droppings to trace the location of the nests. In most instances, mice build their nests in the corners of closets or cabinets. Once you locate the nest, dispose of it without delay except if you want to use it as a trap.

• They can chew into your cloth to create their nests.
• You can also trace the nest by sniffing around for that characteristic musty smell.

How to catch the mouse
Instead of disposing of the nest, you can use it to set a trap for the mouse. You can use a live trap for this purpose; it works perfectly. First of all, place bait inside the trap and place it close to where the nest is located. The mouse will be attracted by the bait, and it can be caught easily.

• When handling the trap or placing the bait, make sure you wear surgical gloves.
• Make sure the trap is placed where the droppings and nests are noticed.

Sticky trap can also work
Instead of a live trap, which arrests the mice and prevents them from moving, you can also use a sticky trap. If left for long in a sticky trap, the mouse may die. In the process of trying to escape from the sticky trap, the rat will be further trapped in.

• A single sticky trap will not be enough. Buy several and place them in various corners of the home
• You can successfully trap several mice in a single sticky trap if the trap is fairly wide.

Old fashioned trap also works
In place of the methods mentioned above, you can go for the old fashioned trap; it works perfectly. Just be very careful when setting it and placing the bait so as not to get injured in the process. What If a House Mouse Got Inside My House, Bedroom, Kitchen, Etc?

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