What to do about a house mouse on the roof

A house mouse is a small mammal of the rodent clan. They are likely to live in our home attic or in our roofs. They have an excellent sense of hearing, touch and smell. This is why they can easily adapt to our households.

Mice that enters our houses
We have a few kinds of mice that may enter our houses. It appears that as soon as the winter season starts, they immediately find other warm place where they can live for quite some time.

• A house mice, wood mice, brown rats are common in our houses. Out of the three, we will most probably encounter wood mice, especially if your house is made up with woods.
• House mice and brown rats can be commonly seen in houses close to the cities.
• Rats and mice prefers to stay in the roof, attic and wall spaces.

Signs that there is mice in your roof
• Droppings (mouse feces) – you are likely to locate feces or small like raisins particles in any area of your home, especially your roof.
• Gnawing – mice would constantly gnaw so they can keep their teeth sharp and short.
• Tooth marks – since they cannot stop gnawing, chances are you will see bits of their tooth, on woods they have bitten.

Troubles caused by mice
Mice can cause major damage inside our homes. Starting from gnawed structures and furnishings to bitted electrical wires. Their act of chewing wires can lead to fires that is very hazardous to our family and home. This may also root to costly repairs and hospitalizations.

Get rid of the mice to avoid troubles
There are a few identified steps and techniques to get rid of these unkind rodents and to keep them away from our lovely homes:

• Snap traps or glue traps – these are the most common that we can use in catching a mouse, whether they are in the attic or in the roof.
• Electromagnetic devices – there are a few devices that uses ultrasound that can distress a mice, using it may cause them anxiety and to leave the place instantly.
• Mice deterrent spray – this can be bought to local hardware stores near your home.
• Keep your trash bins close and any holes sealed and closed. While there are a few techniques to get rid of these rodents, there is nothing much easier than preventing them to get inside your home. What to do about a house mouse on the roof

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