How to find and remove a dead house mouse

Among all odors that could possibly be inside a home, there is certainly none that could match the awful and nasty smell of a dead animal. The strength of the odor normally will depend on the size of the animal and the period after which it dies. If it is a big animal, be ready for some grand nightmare. The smell is normally strongest within the first two weeks when decaying is happening although this period will normally vary with the size of the animal. As for this case we shall consider the house mouse.

How to find

• Sense of smell

Finding the carcass of a house mouse is an awful experience although one that has to be done if you want the smell out of your house as soon as possible. The most basic method is using the sense of smell. All you have to do is brace yourself and begin sniffing. Begin sniffing in the rooms or areas that the smell is strongest. When you are almost there the intensity of the small will normally increase. After finding the exact position, the next step will be removing.

• Using a pet

If the whole idea of sniffing by yourself seems to be impossible to bear or the efforts simply being futile, have your pet in this mission. Let your dog do the sniffing and help you locate the carcass. Dogs are especially famous for their strong sense of smell and therefore this method will certainly not fail you. How to remove

• Steps in removing

After locating the exact position, the next step is removing the carcass. While removing it is important to ensure safety precautions to avoid spreading any diseases. Have your disposable plastic gloves on some old rag, a rake or a broom stick and a plastic bag with you. Using the broom stick, push the carcass to the old rag and put it in the plastic bag and tie. The broom stick is used to ensure that there is no contact with the carcass whatsoever. Dispose in a trash can that can firmly be covered to ensure that it is out of any potential predator’s reach. Dispose the glovers as well.

• After removing

What follows after wards is the cleaning process. Put on a new pair of disposable gloves and clean the affected area. Clean all the animal’s fluids and maggots and take off any insulations that may have been stained. Ensure proper ventilation in the affected place and use some home deodorants to help with the awful smell. It won’t be long before the smell is gone after this is done. Thoroughly wash your hands after you are done. How to find and remove a dead house mouse

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