Is It Legal for Me to Trap a House Mouse?

No law stops you from dealing with a mouse in your home when these unwelcome visitors invade your privacy. However, you need to think twice about dealing with rats if you are reading this write-up from the nethermost Arctic region, any part of Antarctica, some of the islands off the coast of New Zealand or some parts of the Alberta province in Canada. In these areas, the law forbids you to manhandle mice. If you reside in any another part of the world aside from the areas mentioned above, you are free to deal with rats to prevent them from taking possession of your home. Be that as it may, you also need to consider what local jurisdictions have to say about the specific methods adopted in “dealing with” mice.

What obtains in the USA?
• In Washington D.C., residents are required to trap rats they find in their home and release them afterward to go free. This usually applies in Maryland and Virginia also. In fact, you are banned from using a sticky trap or snap trap to catch a mouse.
• Across the 50 states, you can use cat or dog to control rats. However, it is not permitted to allow dogs or cats to hunt rats for sports. You may be arrested if you do so.
• Since 2012, a new law was enacted, which forbids easy access to rat poison, making it difficult to spread such poisons on the floor for mice.
• All Americans are implored to consider the risk of using mouse control methods as regards the effects on pets and kids.

What obtains in the European Union?
Only licensed exterminators can obtain and use rat poisons in the European Union, according to a law enacted in 2010, which means homeowners do not have access to them. Be that as it may, home owners can still have access to several other methods of eradicating mice. It is mandated by law to take necessary precaution when setting mouse trap in your garden in the UK to ensure neighbors’ pets do not get caught in the trap, which may lead to your arrest.

What obtains in Canada?
The death sentence has been passed on rats in Alberta. For example, the authorities gave authorization to gun down any stray mouse that may be lurking in cargoes being shipped into the province. As a result, this area is not infested by rats. Other areas free from mice in Canada are Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. Is It Legal for Me to Trap a House Mouse?

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