Do cats keep rats and mice away?

This is the perfect question. Yes cats keep rats and mice away. You may need to consider having one if you are having the never ending situation of ‘see mouse, try to kill mouse, mousevanish and come back later’. In short, if you seem to have constant visits from mice and rats no matter what you do; it is time to bring out the big guns. Namely: CATS

Why are they good at keeping rats away?

  • A cat is the natural predator of rats and mice. When there is a cat in your home, rats keep off.
  • They are natural born predators to the rats in your home. Therefore, just the smell of a cat in the vicinity will send the mice and rats scurrying away.
  • They can get into those spaces where you are unable to reach to remove the rats and mice. For instance they can get in between walls and are light enough to walk on ceilings without bringing your ceiling down.
Are all cats good hunters?

Well, this is not a clear cut issue. How a cat has been brought up generally determines what kind of a hunter itwill make. Cats that are used to hunting for their own food are better than those that have been fed since birth.

How do you get a good ‘hunting cat’?
  • Adopt a cat that has grown in the wild or rather one that has not always been provided for. This means it will have better skills at hunting.
  • If you already had a cat, watch how they play with their chew toys, this will help you train your cat to be a hunter. For instance you can teach it to be rough with its ‘rat toys’ by pulling at them when they are chewing on them.
  • You can also check with your animal shelter to get the best animal for the job. Be sure to specify your needs. Because the staff knows the history of the animal, they will give you the best one.
Why not just use other means to remove the rats and mice?

Poisoning, trapping and other methods used to remove rats from your home tend to be repetitive. However, when you have a cat at home, you have full time home protection from the rats. Therefore, a cat is the most natural, cost effective solution to your rat and mice problem. Consider getting one.

Do cats keep rats and mice away?

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