How can mice climb?

Mice are literally able to get about anywhere owing to their small size and the fact that they are climbers. It is therefore not a wonder to find a mouse high up your cabinet or in places that you thought impossible for them to reach.

• Basics of climbing

Whether or not a mouse is able to climb although they are good climbers will larger depend on the nature of the surface they are climbing. It is almost as easy as sipping a cup of tea when it comes to climbing rough surfaces as the dents enable them to hold themselves as they climb. It is a wonder to gaze with the swiftness at which they do this. Smooth surfaces in the contrary are almost impossible if not entirely impossible to climb. These kind of surfaces do not provide any grippers and so they will slide off and eventually give up. Ever wondered how a mouse died in the wall then here is your answer. The surface of the wall was too smooth that the mouse was unable to climb out and died due to starvation.

• Their physical nature

Their physical nature is a great contributor to the climbing abilities of mice. The nature of their feet for instance is one. They have claws in all their phalanges and these claws are sharp and strong enough such that they facilitate the gripping onto surfaces as they climb. Another factor is their tail. Their tails are designed such that they are long enough to give them the needed support even as they climb vertically. Their size is also another factor. The fact that they are light and small in size enables them to climb to a variety of places. Due to this, they are able to climb cords and other small wires.

• What materials can they climb

As seen above, they are pretty much able to climb on to whatever that offers gripping as they climb. They are therefore able to climb up dry walls, bricks, concrete, drain pipes; PVC pipes card board as well as most wood surfaces. All smooth surfaces such as glass, smooth even walls or mirrors are not in their options.

• Areas prone to mice due to the climbing ability

For this reason, mice will mostly be heard climbing inside walls as they like keeping away from humans. Walls are especially a prime site as most materials that support their climbing are found inside walls such as pipes, electrical wires. Other areas would the chimney and the roof regions. How can mice climb?

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