Do mice chew on wires? Why?

Mice like most rodents will chew and not just chew but a lot of chewing. They will chew to just about anything and where in the house and wires will not be spared. This chewing is the basis of their destructive nature. For this reason, home or property owners will not at any point entertain them but have them removed as fast as possible.

• Why they chew on wires.

Mice chew on a number of materials ranging from cardboard to paper to wood but for some reason, they like wires better. Wires that pass through secret places such as the attic are ones that are heavily acted upon. The reason they chew is simple. Mice are rodents and one unique characteristic of rodents is that their teeth continually grow just like nails in the case of humans. Chewing is their way to trim and control the growth of their teeth.

• Damages they cause as a result of their chewing.

Mice will chew on all sorts of wires but the most common wires are normally electrical wires. This is a problem that is experienced in homes, factories not forgetting the garages.

In homes, they cause damages to electrical appliances, the lighting system and the alarm system. For electrical appliances, they cause malfunctioning, short circuiting and in worse cases total failure. It is not unusual to here of cases where lights in some rooms went out neither is it unusual for the alarm system to stop functioning and yet it is not off. All these may be the doing of the mice that have inhabited your home if not other rodents such as rats or squirrels.

In garages either personal or commercial ones are where they cause a lot wire chew and the damages are intense. If one is not careful, especially for a commercial garage owner, you may end up incurring a lot of loses as these garages accommodate many cars. This is certainly not to be taken lightly, as they could interfere even with the most crucial wires such as the brake wires. The best solution is having them taken out as soon as you here of such a case. As for factories, if you do not mind having mice around well then make sure that your machines are under some heavy insurance cover because it is no doubt that you will have to repair them every now and then. Machines can result to malfunctioning the end result being total dysfunctionality.

• Risks associated with the chewing.

Wire chewing should not in any case be taken lighting a this could mean a potential fire accident. It is not uncommon to hear cases of fire starting with no known cause, only to investigate and find that the wires in the attic were cut and the cutting was due to the presence of rodents.

• What to do with the wire chewing problem

If this has been a problem for your property, the solution is simple. Drive the mice off your property! You can do this with the various methods available or betters till have the pros do the job for you. Do mice chew on wires? Why?

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