Should I ever poison a house mouse?

Rodents are really our households’ classic enemy. They can turn our lovely homes into a murder scene. Having said this, it would be a great revenge for us if we can kill these tiny enemies whenever we are fortunate enough to catch it. Nonetheless, mouse and rats are mush like humans too. They have families too and they love every single one of them.

Poison and mouse
We might think that mouse poison is the easiest way to kill these tiny uninvited visitors. Think about it, what will you feel if you are to die in agony and the pain of the poison streaming within your blood and body? I for one think that it is very cruel to kill one’s life using poison. It would be a painful process for these tiny creatures to go through.

Harms with mouse poison
While we think that poison are our quick getaway with mouse, there are still underlying discrepancies that may occur when this is use to kill a mouse.

• If you have children and household pets living with you, it is extremely risky to keep a mouse poison within your premises. Chances are, it will accidentally be exposed to any of them.
• Yes, poison can kill them but you will have to dispose their remains, which can result to horrible smells that is difficult to remove along your area.

Traps and mouse
The most common to our households are glue traps and snap traps.There are multiple traps that we can buy from our local hardware that can do the trick. You can use baits such as cheese or peanut butter in order for the mouse to smell the palatable scent of the temptation. Yes, traps are helpful. Butthey literally just hold them captive and it would not kill them in any way.

Keeping mouse away from home
There are a couple of ways to catch a mouse but of course, it is better to keep them away from your household to avoid having an uninvited guest over your household.

• Clean your house, trash bins, and kitchen – anywhere that they can reach to get food supply.
• Use mouse or rodent repellents - there are several repellents that can really work in keeping them out of your home. You might want to check with your local hardware for their best repellent you can use. Should I ever poison a house mouse?

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