What animals chew on electric wires?

There are numerous types of animals that will chew electrical wires, deliberately in their day to day walks of life. From cats, dogs, squirrels, rats, horses and other forms of pets. For cats, it can be quite not understandable as to why such a household cat would take on electrical wires to chew. From research, plastic bags which is the same material that makes the cover of the electrical wires makes them have a pleasant sensation when they chew. Chewing cords for them is for fun. The youngone, kittens will chew the cords in line with their exploratory growth and development. The act of chewing by the cats presents as potential choking hazard,notwithstanding other potential damage effects to the human kind.

Keeping animals away from chewing cords

One of the easiest ways of keeping off animals from interfering with the electrical wiring system is rubbing them with a scent that is unpleasant or that which the cats do dislike. With this in place, the animals will not hesitate than keep away. The other way is wrapping the electrical cords with covers made of rubber or putting them in polyvinylchloride tubing. The other option is finding substitute items that the animals want in their environment that resemble those of the electrical wires. This will help keep the animals busy and no time to go under looking for the wires.

Disrupting the pet

Most animals work under total concentrations, including dogs, rats, cats and mice. In an environment that there is disruption in the form of noise or movement, the animals will leave what they are doing until there is a pin drop silence in their surroundings. Cats can be squirted with water and other rodents are kept away by shaking containers made of metal and filled with pennies.

Hiding the wiring cords

Animals use the least of their spaces to intrude into territories to feed their curiosity. With this in mind, the small spaces left behind the furniture where the wiring cords do pass can be blocked or reduced to ensure the animals do not get through. The other option is considering using wireless technology if possible and also confine the electrical wires to their transmitter to protected areas that no animals can gain access. You can also remove chargers and other electrical appliances away for reach of the animals such on drawers.

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What animals chew on electric wires?