Risks of animals chewing on electrical wires

Having animals in the surrounding on your attic possess a great danger of destruction especially when it comes to electrical wires. Many animals, like to gnaw and also chew but most of the wire destruction that has ever been seen is done by rodents mainly squirrel and mice.

Reasons for gnawing on objects such as electrical wires

Just like the human fingernails, the teeth of rodents grow day by day. We trim our fingernails to keep them under check, which happens to be the same case even the cats. Rodents gnaw their teeth in order to maintain their teeth at the proper shape and size. Chewing is their way of survival in as much as it possess more and more danger to human population. It maintains their teeth from overgrowing.

Signs rodents are chewing the electrical wires

It is advisable that, upon noticing that at some point there is a tripping circuit breaker or maybe an outage, to eliminate all other potential possibilities first.Yes, there might be other unforeseen reasons for the outage but rodents should never be ignored. This happens when doubts about poor connections being at a main switch, light box, switch box or the main panel that will raise the question of electrical wires being tampered with.

Dangers of chewing on electrical wires

Fire hazard is the most severe and unfortunate occurrence that can be caused by rodents. The movement of rodents along the wood beams on ceiling and walls, where these electrical wires pass through is the whole concern as they chew on anything they come across. When a rodent chews down to the copper, and to some extent the copper happens to touch the wood, the resultant would be the house catching on fire. It does happen.Insulation of the surrounding electrical wiring with plastics exists because electric power is quite hot when it goes through wires. In other occurrences, the rodents would be electrocuted and die on the live wires, in the end causing shorts that might trigger a fire.

Preventing such occurrences

Nearly a quarter of all fires in our households are believed to have been caused by rodents, as experts would say. The easiest and most safe way to prevent such instances is preventing the rodents from entering your home in the first place. Always consult an expert to check and verify on rodent damaged wires and immediately repair them.

Risks of animals chewing on electrical wires

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