How big do opossums get?

Opossums are quite large animals and they are definitely larger than raccoons and other rodents like squirrels. Approximately the opossums are equal to the size of about a large house cat. The size of an adult opossum is approximately 15 to 20 inches. The weight of opossums is in the range from 10 to 13 pounds. However these dimensions of height and weight vary among individual opossums. It has been observed that the opossums which are well fed can reach up to the large sizes and their body weights can also reach to high scales. They may seem just like gargantuan. You may encounter the giant opossums when they startle you around especially on an evening walk. The origin of possums has been found to be in the South American continent but their existence has also been reported in the North America because of the Great American Interchange which had made their migration possible by connecting the two continents.

Biology of opossums

The overall biology of the opossums is very special and unique. The reproductive habits of the opossums are such that they can colonize and survive in different and unique locations. Among the other marsupial mammals of the same order, opossums are probably regarded as the largest animals presently in the living form. The eating habits of opossums have been studies and they are found to be omnivores and or arboreal nature. However exceptions may also arise depending upon the kind of environment and food types they are exposed to.

Body form of opossums

The hind limb of the opossum does not have any claw and the feet are having an opposable digit. The tail of opossums is bare and prehensile which resembles most of the monkeys of present time. Opossums have got sharp teeth which are meant for tearing and biting and especially modified for the carnivorous diet adaptation. The stomach of opossums is very simple evolved for simple digestion and cecum is also small favoring limited absorption of water. Opossums are partially or totally immune to many venomous snakes like rattlesnake, cottonmouth and pit vipers.

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