How to Catch a Wild Animal with a Snare Pole

Snare pole also known as catch pole is a specially designed tool use to catch wild animal as well as stray pets like dogs and cats. This pole is built with long hollow aluminum pole and there is loop cord that runs through the long aluminum. The loop end is designed to go round the target animal and the holder can tighten the loop from the handle to ensure the animal do not escape the grip from the loop. You are going to learn how to catch a wild animal with a snare pole through the content of this article.

Consider the Size of the Animal You Want To Catch With the Snare Pole

One of the things to consider when you want to catch a wild animal with a snare pole is the size of the animal. If you are to catch raccoon, you should set the loop very well to match the size of the raccoon. Also, if you want to catch skunks, opossum or coyote with snare pole you have to set the loop according to the body size of the animal.

Make Sure the Cord Loop Is Strong Enough To Hold the Animal without Breaking

The strength of the animal should be considered before selecting the material to use for the cord loop. Make sure you use the material that is strong enough to withstand the strength of your target animal.

Use Long Aluminum Pole to Make It Easy For You to Stand Some Distance Away From the Animal

You should make sure your aluminum pole is as long as possible to make it easy for you to stay some distance away from the wild animal you want to catch. Also, if you happen to catch the animal with the snare pole avoid bring the animal close to your body to avoid the animal holding on your cloth or pant to administer a bite. Just ensure you consider your safety when you want to catch wild animal with snare pole. You can equally use snare pole to catch snake and others.

Know the Right Time to Tighten the Loop to Catch the Wild Animal

For you to succeed in catching a wild animal on your snare pole you must know the right time to tighten the pole to avoid the animal removing the head. You have to tighten the loop suddenly and quickly when the animal least expects it from you.

How to Catch a Wild Animal with a Snare Pole

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