What are the most common types of animals that dig up the yard?

Many animals have got the habit of digging either with the help of their hooves or claws. There are some animals in nature which have got the burrowing activity. Whether they hibernate in winters or want to make a protective haven form enemies and predators, they can dig the burrows quite deep in the ground. Usually the animals choose the soft parts of soil containing more clay where burrowing can be done easily and deeply. Examples of such animals are beavers, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and chipmunks. On the other hand some other animals dig the ground only superficially and they do not mean to dig burrows like deer, foxes and so on. There are many animals found in nature which are habitual of digging and burrowing in the soft clayey parts of the land. Sometimes animals can dig the ground so deep that it can damage the foundations of the house as well. These situations are really alarming for the home owners. Sometimes the conditions can really go unpredictable and beyond control. Therefore it is better to get the garden and yard areas checked on regular basis so that any such activity can be nipped in the bud. Some animals which you may have observed digging your ground are as follows:


Foxes may visit the yard and the places where garbage cans are place outside the houses. The main purpose of paying visit of foxes in the houses is only and only to find food. Therefore it is very important to check for any leftover food in the back yard of your house or in the nearby areas. Foxes can be dangerous specifically because they can cause harm to the pets in your yard like chickens, kittens and puppies. It is better to keep the pets at safe places where the foxes cannot reach.


Raccoons can be found in the countryside areas where they are found roosting on the garbage and these animals are specifically notorious for stealing the cat food from the yard of houses. Once they find food in an area, they will come again and again to those places.


Deer usually come into the houses which are situated in the neighborhoods of the forests. Deer are a great threat to the soft and herbaceous plantation of the garden of houses. They consume the garden tulips and other soft flowering plants. In order to avoid the digging of your garden by deer it is suggested to build fence around it.

What are the most common types of animals that dig up the yard?

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