What are the most common types of animals that poop on or in buildings?

Usually the people are very keen about their pets. Those people who keep pets or are fond of pets know one fact very well that it is very important to train the animals about their droppings and poop. Therefore if any of the animals not trained for pooping is left there, it can be a problem not only for the members of that family but for the neighbors as well. If such case can be very severe in case of pet animals, then one can well imagine that how much problem would be faced by the people who live near the wild areas and encounter more often the wild animals. Basically the wild animals are not trained about their eating habits. Therefore these animals are also not trained and do not have a routine about pooping. This is really a problem especially for nocturnal animals. Definitely the nocturnal animals visit the houses at night and while wandering for food, they also poop here and there randomly. This habit of wild animals can be of great problem not only with respect to sanitation and cleanliness but also with respect to the hygiene and spreading of germs. The worst cases are observed when the wild animals poop on the pet food.

How to identify the animals from their feces

There has been a vast study and research carried out on the fecal materials of the animals. Physiologists and zoologists have been working on the study to identify the feces of animals and hence the identification of animals is carried out. One can exactly identify the animals by closely examining its poop. Most commonly the animals found pooping on the buildings or inside as raccoons, rats, squirrels, bats and opossums. These are basically some of the most common animals which are found visiting the domestic areas and their feces is also identified. Usually their fecal materials are observed in the porch, attic, shed or in the garden.

Types of fecal materials

Usually you cannot identify the fecal material and their types. However a rough analysis can be made by almost everyone. Usually in houses there are 12 kinds of fecal materials and these are the most common types which are found in the houses. Other than appearance, these fecal materials can also be distinguished on the basis of location where they are found because certain animals remain restricted only to the garbage cans or porch while others can intrude and enter into the attics as well.

What are the most common types of animals that poop on or in buildings?

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