What are the most common types of animals that eat your garden?

There are certain wild animals which cause a lot of trouble by ruining the garden and other places in the house. There are some animals that intrude in the house and their main target is the upper parts like attic or roof. Still others like to select the shelter of porch, shed or garage. However there is another class of animals which do not enter in the house and like to stay outdoors. The main target of these animals is the plants in the garden. The animals like chipmunks, squirrels, deer and moles etc. like to eat up and chew the soft herbaceous plants and flowers. Some animals like chipmunks and squirrels have the habit of burrowing and uprooting the soil in search of nuts and seeds. As a result they destroy the roots of plants consequently letting the plants to dry off and wither very soon. In this regard a lot of research work has been done and after that many biologists and naturalists have come to the conclusion that most of the animals are attracted to the fruit and flowers and soft plants in the garden. All these things are among the favorite foods of animals and they nibble on these things while in the garden. Therefore these animals have been the major culprits in destroying the aesthetic beauty of gardens. An overview of some animals and their habits in destroying the gardens is as follows:


Basically moles are not plant eating animals. They live on insects lie earthworm and other kinds of insects which reside in the soil. Therefore in search of these insects and worms, the moles burrow and dig the soil of garden. Due to this activity the root system of plants gets badly damaged by the moles.


Although the appearance of moles is essentially similar to that of moles but their eating habits and diets are different from one another. Unlike moles, voles are not insect eating animals and they are strictly herbivores. Their main targets are the grasses, roots of plants and small delicate herbs. Therefore we can say that they are the direct threat to well being of a garden. Moreover they also dine voraciously on the barks of trees.


Chipmunks are the innocent creatures but these are the most unwelcoming guests in your garden. Chipmunks feed n the underground buried bulbs, rhizomes and roots of the plants. In order to reach to their food, the chipmunks literally uproot the plants and dig up to the level of last roots.

What are the most common types of animals that eat your garden?

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