Common Snakes of Florida

Snake is a horrifying creature which is often considered dangerous but this is also a fact that all the snakes are not dangerous. It is very difficult for a layman to identify a poisonous snake and to distinguish it from a common snake which is not a danger for humans. Due to the lack of this knowledge people usually kill the common snakes as well in the disguise of venomous snakes. This can jeopardize their existence and evolution. As far as the snakes of Florida are concerned, there is a huge variety of both the common as well as venomous snakes found in Florida. Out of this diversity, there are 6 species of common snakes which have been identified so far and 44 species of snakes found in Florida have been declared venomous. An overview of some of the species of common snakes is as follows.

Racer and Coach-whip

This species is also commonly known as the black snake or black racer. This specie of snake is found in or near water bodies in the bushy areas. The adult snake body is long and slender either black or grey in color. Normal length of these snakes is 36 to 60 inches but occasionally some snakes reach the length of 70 inches.

Rat snake

Rat snakes are found in a variety of colors and patterns and because of this variation they are often mistaken to be different species. The prevalent species of rat snakes is the yellow colored snake while the red orange colored specie is often mixed with the venomous snake named copperhead. The red rat snake varies in color and patterns. Sometimes it appears in the form of blotches o skin or red or rusty color while at other times it appears to be dark red in color with a white belly.

King snake

King snake is the most powerful snake specie found in Florida. The normal length of this snake is between 36 and 48 inches while exceptional lengths may also reach up to 82 inches. Most of the species of snakes found in the Central and South Florida are of king snake variety. Some snakes of this variety appear to have blotches while others appear in the form of strips and spots on their skin. The king snake feeds on the rodents, reptiles, birds and it also feeds on other venomous snakes like rattle snakes pit vipers and others.

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