v How to get rid of iguanas?


How to get rid of iguanas?


Iguanas are omnivorous reptiles that are from the lizard family. They differ from the normal lizards as they have unique outer features that a normal lizard lacks. Iguanas are said to have spines on their back from the head to the tail. Let’s discuss how we can get rid iguanas.

Simple ways of getting rid of iguanas

One can get rid of these iguanas by simply taking these procedures into action;

Proper disposal of waste foods

• One should not aimlessly leave food stuffs such as fruits and other vegetable in open exhaust and waste bins as this can act as another source of food for iguanas apart from their natural source. By doing so, the iguanas will lack food in areas around one's household and hence discouraging them from visiting such areas.

Get rid of burrows and dark areas

• Iguanas tend to dig burrows to act as their shelters. They also like dark areas to hide in times of danger. Such areas include rocks and leftover branches of plants that fall off. To avoid there iguanas, one should get rid of bushy areas and piles of stones or branches in the field.

• Burrows in the field should be filled. These burrows are mainly their hideout and homes. Filling of such burrows should be done during day time when these reptiles will not be in them and by doing this, the iguanas will have lost their homes and hence left with no option rather than shifting away.

Other ways of getting rid of iguanas

• One should also get rid of surfaces such as rocks where iguanas use to sun their bodies. Such warm surfaces should be eliminated from the field to discourage the iguanas from regularly visiting such areas to get warmth from the sun.

• To avoid iguanas from regularly visiting your field space, one should erect tight low fences all around the field area to keep away the iguanas.

• Metal colors should be placed on trunks of trees with parts that attract iguanas such as flowers and fruits. This will help prevent the iguanas from climbing such trees and hence discouraging them not to visit such areas.

• Hawks and crows are known to feed on iguanas. It is hence advisable to encourage such predators in one's field and this will discourage the iguanas from reaching your field. This is achieved by making your field a friendly environment for such predators.

How to get rid of iguanas?

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