How to get rid of rats in the attic

Well rats are extremely annoying pests. Aren’t they? What with all the chewing at boards, cables, clothes et-cetera. They will chew away at anything in your house. Before you find yourself paying hefty bills to replace stuff in your home, it is simply easier to get rid of the rodents.

How do you remove them from the attic?

The most important part of rat removal is sealing off any entrance the rats use. Also remember they will chew away at anything, so be sure to use really heavy duty metal (like steel). Any small space you leave out will be an ideal place for the rats to gain entry back into your house. So take special care to seal all entries into the attic ensuring any air spaces are also sealed. You can find a good sealant at your local animal control store. Once you have finished with the sealing, it’s time to remove them.

Methods you can use

  • Snap traps- these can be placed on the rats routes. Ensure to use good bait (like cheese) to ensure the rats are attracted to the trap. The moment the rat tries to reach for the bait, the trap unravels from its spring hold and snaps broken the rat’s neck.
  • Live cage traps –these however are not highly recommended because the main question is: Where do you plan to relocate the rats to? It is the most human way to get rid of the animal, but given their rapid population growth, it is better to keep them at a minimum.
  • Glue traps- once a rat steps on the glue trap it is stuck and you can come and set it free elsewhere. This method however does not come highly recommended because it causes a lot of suffering to the animal in question when it tries to set itself free. Sometimes they even suffocate as they roll around on the glue tape used.
  • Poison- this is the least popular method even if it is effective. The danger though is you could poison other animals you did not intend to kill. It also causes a lot of suffering to the animal before it dies.
Most natural method

The best method to get rid of rats in your attic is setting a well-trained house cat at them. It is also a cost effective and continuous rat control method to use.


Rats are not your friends, they can cause damage and disease, get rid of them.

How to get rid of rats in the attic

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