How big do snakes get?

There are many different species of snakes in the world and this reptile has got a huge biodiversity in the world unlike any other animal. Likewise there is a huge variation and diversity as well in the sizes, shapes, weight and other features of the snakes. At the most the largest snake is recorded to be python with the total length of about 30 feet. Similarly the smallest snake is the Barbados species ranging to the size of 4 inches. In the same there are many variations as far as it regards to the weight of different kinds of snakes found in the world. With respect to weight, the anaconda is ranked on the top of the list. The adult anaconda can grow up to the size of as much as 50 pounds. In the same way the life span of the snakes varies. It has been observed that the snakes which lead their lives in captivity are more protected and hence their life span is also greater. They can live up to 50 years of age when kept in captivity. Due to this huge variation in the weight and sizes, the snakes have been considered to be the most divers not only among the reptiles but other animals as well.

Eating habits of snakes

There is a huge variety of food which is consumed by the snakes. They live on termites, birds, amphibians like frogs and even up to small deer. The anacondas are notorious for consuming the whole humans as well. The snakes do not chew their food because they do not have teeth. They always consume their food by swallowing it as a whole and then digest it with the help of strong enzymes in the stomach. The snakes can swallow the prey three times the size of their head because there is no connection between the upper and lower jaw and they can both separate widely. There are no teeth for chewing but there are rear facing teeth in the mouth of snakes which prevent the prey form escaping their mouth.

Venomous snakes

The venomous snakes have got another weapon in the form of venom. They use the venom to paralyze and kill the prey. Similarly the constrictors present in their saliva help to squeeze the prey. Snakes are nocturnal and heat at night. Snakes usually do not hunt every day. Once they hunt and eat their prey, they can even survive for up to a year like python and anaconda.

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