How Do Snakes Eat?

Snake just like every other animal do eat in order to get enough energy for breeding, remain healthy and even to defend themselves against predators. But unlike other wild animals with good set of dentition which enable them to masticate their food before swallowing snakes normally swallow their prey without need for mastication or chewing. They have special digestive system in their saliva and the gastro intestinal tract which help them to digest anything the swallowed into their belly. So, if you are asking how do snakes eat you are going to learn more through the content of this article.

Snakes Normally Kill Their Prey with Venoms before Swallowing Them
Snakes are unique in their own way and have special way of killing and swallowing their prey owning to their morphological make up. The size of snake normally determines the size of food it can eat and swallow freely. In order to subdue and their prey snakes normally inject venom on their prey and afterward swallow freely to the belly. The interesting thing about snake is that they are equipped with excellent digestive system which enables them to digest anything that get into their body just by touching the thing with their saliva.

Snakes Can Coil Around Their Prey and Strangle To Death before Swallowing
Smaller snakes normally eat smaller foods like insects, warms and others which do not require much effort to kill or venom to subdue. But bigger snakes normally dare bigger animals around. Some snake species like pythons normally strangle their prey which can be as large as big before swallowing. The moment the prey is strangled the snake will begin the journey of taking the prey into the belly by adjusting the lower jaw.

Snakes Have Special Mandible and Lower Jaw Which Expand To Accommodate Prey Bigger Than Them
Have you wonder how snakes do swallow some prey almost same size of the snakes even with their small head? The truth is that the low jaw of snake is connected with the upper jaw with ligament which can easily be extended without any form of breakage or dislocation.

Snakes Are Completely Carnivorous and Only Eat Animals
Snakes are carnivorous reptiles that solely live on other animals. Some snake species normally feed on other smaller snakes. All snake need is to eat other animal is to kill it either with poison or coil and strangle it to death.

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